5 Best Dog Toys for Havanese Puppy

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Whoever said that a dog is a man’s best friend was probably right. Dogs have always been our loyal companions since time immemorial.

Moreover, they come in different breeds, giving you more options for choosing your ideal four-legged buddy.

Among these canine friends, the Havanese breed has made a name as one of the most adorable dogs thanks to their long, silky hair and cuddly look.

A native of Cuba, these dogs are cute, friendly and playful. If you own a Havanese, you must keep the dog entertained for they get bored very quickly.

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Lucky for you, I have a list of some of the best dog toys for Havanese puppies. You can use these toys to keep your dog happy even when you are away from home.

Best Toys for Havanese Dogs

Without wasting much time, let’s get started.

1. Chuckit Ultra Ball Small

The Chuckit Ultra Ball is a toy that every small dog owner must have. This squeaky ball has a buoyant design that delivers the ultimate bounce ideal for playing games such as fetch.

Moreover, it releases a funny sound every time it hits the ground, further enticing your Havanese dog to want to play.

What is more amazing is that you do not have to worry about the durability of this ball. It comes with a textured surface and it consists of a thick rubber core that can withstand aggressive pets. On the other hand, it is adequately soft on the gums and mouth of your dog.

The best part is that this ball by Chuckit is ideal for all types of small pets including dogs, cats and even chickens. This guarantees the ultimate bonding between pet owners and their pets.


  • Ideal for Havanese puppies and small pets
  • Extremely durable
  • Safe
  • Exceptionally versatile


  • Can only be used for fetch games


2. KONG Puppy Durable Rubber Chew and Treat Toy

As with any other dog, Havanese dogs love to chew and bite at stuff. Considering this, there is no better and safer toy for chewing than the KONG Puppy Rubber Chew and Treat.

Recommended by vets and dog trainers around the world, the toy is soft and customized to be gentle on puppies’ teeth and gums. It is made of soft rubber to provide a safe solution for teething puppies.

Moreover, its unpredictable bounce makes it ideal for a wide range of games. In effect, you may use it for fetch, food puzzles and other interactive play. Its unique design encourage mental stimulation and healthy play subsequently fulfilling the instinctual needs of your dog.

The most exciting part is that you can stuff it with various treats such as peanut butter, snacks, puppy kibble and ziggies. To reward and keep your little pup happy.


  • Safe for pets
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Highly durable
  • Great for treats


  • Your dogs tongue could get stuck in the ball when searching for treats


3. KONG Cozies Dog Squeaky Toy

Another popular toy worth checking out is the KONG Cozies Dog Squeaky Toy. This product will make your Havanese puppy leap with joy as you bond and play your favorite games.

This family of cozies is renowned for their durability and longevity. The selection consists of a moose, elephant, alligator, rhino, lion, and bunny, available in different colors and sizes.

The fact that all toys come with a squeaker means that your Havanese puppy will enjoy hours of endless play as they try to get it out.

The only shortcoming is that the toy is not ideal for chew sessions, meaning that it may not last if your pet is overly aggressive chewer.

To make up for this, KONG squeaky toy has minimal filling to guarantee minimal mess. Moreover, its extra layer of cushioning improves its strength for enhanced durability.


  • Squeaks subsequently enticing play
  • Available in multiple sizes and characters
  • Strong and durable
  • Small and lightweight


  • Not ideal for chew sessions


4. Otterly Pets Rope Set

If you are searching for a teething rope toy for your puppy to chew, then this dental pack certainly fits the bill. The toy offers a variety of amazing textures that your Havanese pup will enjoy chewing.

What’s more is that the toy provides oral care to your dog. It cleans and massages the teeth and gums respectively as your dog enjoys the chewing sessions.

This goes a long way to prevent plaque buildup and lower the risk of gum disease. About all, it can help your puppy or small breed dog do away with bad biting habits.

The dental pack consists of 4 different chew toys ideal for games such as fetch, toss, and other forms of interactive play.


  • Collection of four chew toys
  • Cleans and massages the teeth
  • Pet friendly and safe
  • Available in different textures


  • Does not have a squeaker


5. Chiwava 3 Pack 9” Squeaky Latex Dog Toys Standing Stick

We wind up with the Chiwava Squeaky Standing Stick Pack. Is it a case of saving the best for last? Let’s find out.

This standing stick pack offers a collection of three animals, including a pig, a frog and a hen. This gives your dog more options in terms of imaginative and interactive play.

All three sticks consist of non-toxic latex rubber, which is safe for your dog to chew and bite. Moreover, the standing sticks do not have any stuffing, making it ideal for chew sessions.

One major advantage about standing sticks is that they are ideal for a wide range of pet games, including puzzles, fetch and other outdoor games.

The toys come with a squeaker that will certainly entice your Havanese puppy into playing endlessly, all day long.


  • Designed for small and medium dogs
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Extremely soft and safe for tender teeth


  • Not recommended for aggressive chewers


Do Havanese Dogs Like Toys?

Some dogs love squeaky toys that make noise while others prefer simple toys that they can chew or bite. The Havanese breed is quite different in that it prefers both types of toys.

Their favorite is obviously the squeaky type as it raises their curiosity and brings out their instinctual hunting skills. The fact that Havanese dogs do not need much outdoor exercise such as daily walks means that a toy or two will come in handy in keeping your dog entertained.

How to Choose Toys for a Havanese Dog?

With so many options out there, picking the best and safest toys for your Havanese dog can be extremely tricky.

You have to consider the size and weight of the dog before you can begin your search. You also have to know your dog’s preferences as some breeds prefer toys that make noise while other are open to any toy.

With that said, here are some factors that you should consider when choosing the best toys for your Havanese puppy.

  • Safety

Playing with toys can mean endless fun for your dog. However, some toys can turn out to be a choking hazard for your Havanese dog. Avoid toys that come with small, removable parts that are easy for your dog to swallow.

  • Type

Dog toys come in various shapes, styles, and sizes. Popular choices for Havanese dogs include dental chews, squeaky balls, rope toys and teething toys.

  • Versatility

When shopping for dog toys, consider opting for those that offer more versatility. In essence, the toy that you choose should be ideal for a variety of games such as food puzzles and fetch.

  • Durability

Toys are relatively affordable, but this does not mean that you should compromise on durability. You should buy strong toys that can withstand aggressive chewers without harming their teeth or gums.

How to Wash Dog Toys?

Keeping pet toys clean is paramount to the health and safety of your Havanese puppy. In any case, puppies tend to be delicate and vulnerable to various ailments if exposed to untidy conditions and dirty toys.

With this in mind, you should make sure that you wash your dog’s toys after every play session. Here are a few tips:

  • Soak extra dirty toys in a solution of vinegar and water before washing
  • Use warm soapy water to wash hard and rubber toys
  • Scrub the surface and crevices with an old toothbrush to avoid scratching the toy
  • Wipe squeaky toys with a damp cloth to avoid damaging the squaker
  • Some toys are dishwasher friendly. However, you should use this option sparingly


Investing in toys for your Havanese puppy comes with so many benefits. Allowing your dog to play with toys helps get rid of excess energy thereby stopping your pup from becoming destructive.

Toys also relieve separation anxiety and boredom by entertaining your puppy while you are away. They also enhance socialization skills and enforce the household hierarchy from the onset.

Considering all these benefits, there is no reason why you shouldn’t acquire one for your puppy. Pick one of our recommendations today and see the glow in your dog’s eyes.

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