DogToysNerd.com is a website focused around dog toys.

Hi there, I’m Mark, the Dog Nerd! Web developer by profession and a happy dog owner. In my spare time I enjoy hiking together with my dog, Jack:

Jack is a playful dog, full of energy. He keeps me moving all the time. Thanks to him, I’ve lost about 35 pounds in one year. I’m really happy about this too!

I’ve found him about 2 years ago on the street and I took him home. He was in really bad shape, but I took good care of him and he is fine now, despite that sometimes he is anxious – probably due to his past.

To keep him buys, while I’m away at work, I’ve bought a lot of toys for him.

While he was trying out the different toys, I found that he enjoys playing with some toys more than with others.

This gave me the idea to write about different dog toys, maybe I can help new dog owners figure out which toys to buy and which to avoid.

So, if you are a novice dog owner, I recommend reading my articles and guides about dog toys.

Best, Mark