5 Best Dog Toys for Jack Russell Terriers

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Despite their small frames, Jack Russell Terriers are incredibly active pets. They are intelligent and are quick to learn new tricks.

A Jack Russell Terrier will suit anyone looking for a pet with boundless energy to play fetch and to run around in the park.

Best Toys for Jack Russell Terrier Dog

Their curiosity can be quenched by a range of toys suited to match their charm and wit, including:

1. Nylabone Power Chew Durable Dog Toy

This toy comes in a unique X shape that will make it easy for your Jack Russell Terrier to hold. Its four chewing ends will make it a fun toy for your pet to explore.

It is also impressively durable, even with aggressive chewers. Since the toy is flavored, it has a rich beef flavor that your dog will love.

Chewing solutions are especially ideal if your dog is prone to chewing on items around the house. With the Nylabone chew toy, your pet will be engaged through boredom, stress, and anxiety.

The toy is also recommended for dental issues and to maintain clean teeth. It will come in handy when offering your pet relief during teething pain.

The toy is commonly used by people who want to instill positive chewing behavior in their pets from a tender age.

The Nylabone dog toy is available in different chew meters, whether your Jack Russel Terrier is a moderate or extreme chewer. The sizing chart will also help you to pick the right toy.


2. West Paw Zogoflex Qwizl Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Puzzle

The Qwizl treat toy by West Paw is designed to keep your pet puzzled and stimulated.

Being FDA compliant, it is completely safe for your dog to eat off. The bright colors will make it fun to take the toy out, whether it is on water, grass, or snow.

The best thing about Qwizl is that it is an engaging toy on its own, and the choice of adding treats is entirely up to you.

Once the treats are gone, your dog can continue their play sessions with it, and it will suit toss and fetch games.

West Paw has chosen the zogoflex material to promote the durability of the toy. It is dishwasher safe in addition to being able to float.

The Qwizl is made in the USA under a rigorous and environmentally-friendly manufacturing process.


3. Chuckit! Ultra Ball

This ball is constructed from natural and high-bounce rubber to encourage your Jack Russell Terrier to leap to exciting heights. You can take the fun to water since it is buoyant and lightweight.

The ball features a bright blue and orange color pattern for easy visibility, both for dogs and pet owners. Its smooth rubber surface is resistant to dirt and debris and is easy to wipe.

The ball’s tough and durable surface will accommodate the most aggressive chewers. The thick rubber core may be hard to destroy but will still be soft in your pet’s mouth.

The ball’s five sizes range from small to XX-Large. You can buy the Chuckit! Launcher separately and enhance fetch games with your dog.

If you desire a toy that will spice up interactions with your Jack Russell Terrier, look no further than the Chuckit! Ultra Ball.


4. Multipet Duckworth Duck Large 13ʺ

This soft yellow duck is incredibly fun to toss and easy to catch. Your dog will be taking it everywhere in no time.

In addition to playing with this toy, your Jack Russell Terrier will be comforted while cuddling with it. The duck also squeaks to engage the curiosity of your pet.


5. Nylabone Dura Chew Power Chew Dog Toy

The Nylabone power chew dog toy is designed to withstand aggressive chewing. It will satisfy your pet’s urge to chew while instilling positive chewing habits.

The toy has a delicious flavor medley that will appeal to any pet.

The toy’s bristles are raised to promote clean teeth in your Jack Russell Terrier while also controlling plaque and tartar.

It is expertly textured to keep your pet busy and away from items like shoes and sofas.


Are Jack Russell Terriers Heavy Chewers?

Jack Russell Terriers are naturally curious and have boundless energy. If this enthusiasm is not channeled effectively, the pet will use its paws and jaws to cause destruction around it.

Most pet owners report cases of their Jack Russell Terriers chewing on furniture. If you notice your pet developing chewing habits, they are probably going to identify things to chew on around the house.

Jack Russell Terriers will also chew when they are bored or anxious, which is why you need to keep them stimulated and engaged. Chewing toys will also be effective.

How to Choose Toys for Your Russell Terrier?

Jack Russell Terriers can be described as little balls of energy, and you can use the guidelines below to get them the most suitable toys:

Toys that Provide Mental Stimulation

Terriers have active brains that love to be engaged. Puzzle toys are ideal in this case, like those that produce a treat when pushed.

The Qwizl toy by West Paw is a good example of such a toy, and you can stuff it with your pet’s favorite treats like peanut butter to keep them interested. Mental stimulation is as essential as physical exercises with terriers.

Edible Toys

Terriers chew and gnaw, and puppies will chew any item they can fit in their mouths. Bones and other pet-friendly items will keep your terrier engaged for hours.

Brands like Nylabone offer their toys in different flavors, depending on what your pet likes. The manufacturer’s beef flavor will, for example, attract any pet that loves a rich beef taste.

This kind of toy will also keep your pet’s teeth clean. To get the best ones, look for models that are designed to withstand chewing and gnawing.

Exercise Toys

Your terrier requires a lot of physical stimulation to absorb all the energy that they have.

Tug toys are especially popular among pet owners with terriers. They will satisfy your dog’s instincts to shake and pull and keep them fulfilled.

Terriers can, however, become aggressive, and you should observe if your dog exhibits good behavior while playing with other dogs.

Other suitable toys will also engage you during playtime. The Chuckit! Ultra Ball bounces and floats, and you can have fun trying new heights for your pet.

Your terrier will be interested in playing with you, and you need to get involved in a tug of war and fetch to keep them happy.

Hardy and durable Toys

Terriers are quite hard and aggressive with toys, which is why you need to get durable and resistant rubber toys.

Choose toys designed for pets that are determined chewers, and while they may cost a lot at first, they will be cost-effective in the long run.

Some toys come in ranges to accommodate different chewing levels, and you can get the ones that suit your dog’s chewing capabilities.

The toys should also be appropriately-sized for your terrier. A small toy is always a choking hazard, while it should not be too big to discourage the pet from getting a good grip.

Squeaker Toys

Some toys have inbuilt speakers that fascinate pets. The squeaking sounds resemble the sounds of prey which excite dogs and keep them engaged.

Such toys get ruined fast, however, and you may want to avoid buying expensive squeaker toys.

Replaceable speakers also come in handy when you want to extend the shelf-life of the toy. Ensure that the squeaker toy does not have any small components that your dog can swallow.

Why Your Jack Russell Won’t Play with Toys?

For active pets like Jack Russell Terriers, it can be suspicious if they do not play with the toys that you give them.

Your pet can stop playing games if it is stressed or anxious. The dog’s nature also demands a fresh pile of toys after a while.

There is a risk of your terrier getting bored with the same toys and games. Consider getting a new rotation of toys if you notice your pet avoiding the old ones.

There is also a chance of overstimulating your terrier with endless toy choices, in which case they do not choose any of them.

Should You Let Your Jack Russell Destroy Toys?

Destructive chewing is a common problem with pet owners with Jack Russell Terriers. They will continuously chew everything apart, and you will undoubtedly be frustrated.

If you notice your terrier tearing through a toy, restrict access because they risk choking on small parts. These parts can also cause intestinal problems and prompt a visit to the vet.

Some toys, like the bones from Nylabone, are designed for heavy chewers. Try as they may, your terriers will find it hard to tear apart toys designed particularly for their aggressive chewing habits.


Jack Russell Terriers will appeal to any pet owner looking for an active and enthusiastic dog. They have a lot of energy and are a joy to play around with.

The terriers are, however, known for their heavy chewing, which is why brands like Nylabone, West Paw, and Chuckit! manufacture treats to accommodate such pets.

If your pet does not want to play with their toys, it may be time to switch up their toys and playing schedules.

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