5 Best Dog Toys for Jack Russell Terriers

Despite their small frames, Jack Russell Terriers are incredibly active pets. They are intelligent and are quick to learn new tricks. A Jack Russell Terrier will suit anyone looking for a pet with boundless energy to play fetch and to run around in the park. […] Read More

5 Best Dog Toys for Havanese Puppy

Whoever said that a dog is a man’s best friend was probably right. Dogs have always been our loyal companions since time immemorial. Moreover, they come in different breeds, giving you more options for choosing your ideal four-legged buddy. Among these canine friends, the Havanese […] Read More


10 Best Toys to Keep Your Dog Busy

You know that our furry friends are hyper. They’re always running around, chewing and destroying stuff in the house. After all, this is what they’re good at, and it’s part of keeping you company. Did you know that dogs spend 50% of their time alone? […] Read More