10 Best Toys for Puppies to Keep Them Happy 


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Now that you’ve got yourself a puppy, you are probably over the roofs. You can’t get enough of all the cuteness.

However, as a dog lover, you still need to know what your puppy needs. It’s, therefore, a good idea that you look for a perfect toy that will keep it busy while building up its energy. There’s a downside, though and pet-owners don’t pass the test here.

How do you get an ideal toy that your puppy will love? It should be a toy that helps a great deal in strengthening the puppy’s mental health and the bond between you.

You need a toy that keeps that all in mind. Are you in a dilemma? Try out either of these ten and keep track of your records to find out if we’re right.

1. Aipper Dog Puppy Toys 12 Pack, Puppy Chew Toys for Playtime

The dozen pack puppy toy company manufactures all kinds of pets a puppy would love to commence with.

Some of the things it will help your puppy with include raising its IQ, cleaning the teeth, and using the little energy in the right manner.

A single package contains chew toys, floatable rubber balls, and shoe and rope toys. You can get all the benefits you’d get from individual toys.

Hence, it’s a great deal when you want to purchase numerous toys on a budget.

The toys are made with high-quality and non-toxic materials that won’t cause harm to the puppies.

Also, they’re long-lasting since the materials are durable to withstand the puppy’s teeth. Your puppy will fall in love with the attractive and beautiful colours.


  • The pricing is excellent for the number of toys you get
  • Well-made, strong materials
  • Consists of numerous textures for chewing
  • A multi-beneficial toy


  • Some of the toys may be heavy for the puppies


2. AMZpets 10 Most Popular Dog Toys for Small Dogs & Puppies

A single pack of AMZpets contain ten different kinds of toys like squeaky bones, rope toys, and plush toys. Since a puppy has numerous needs, a single package meets all of them due to the array of toys.

The company has gone a step further to provide buyers with a carrying bag where you can store all the toys when the puppy is sleeping. A bonus point!

Any dog-owner dreads the moment they notice their puppy turning into bad-biting maniac destroying, clothes and furniture in the house.

With AMZpets, such behaviors are trimmed earlier. Also, the ropes help a great deal in fastening the teething process because of the cotton fibres.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • They’re durable and can be used for a long time
  • Are the go-to toys for the aggressive dogs


  • The little puppies find it hard to bite the toys.


3. BUIBIIU Dog Rope Toys Dog Teething Toys

The story of Buibiiu toys begins from a zebra toy made from an old sweater. The founder decided to continue the legacy of her loving late dog pet by creating toys in her name.

If you cherish the moments you stay with your pet, Buibiiu toys are what you should be looking for. It’s one of those toys that strengthen the bond between a pet and its parent.

One gift set comes with 12 pieces of awesome little toys that a puppy gets hooked to promptly. It’s a popular gift set, not only because of the story behind it but also the quality of the toys. One pack consists of Frisbee toys, ropes, plush and chew toys.

They are made from pet-friendly materials which are safe. Like other typical toys, they help your puppy get clean teeth and healthy gums. The toys go further to control potential plaque build-up.


  • Easy to wash and maintain cleanliness
  • The numerous colours attract the puppies
  • Suitable materials to keep oral health in check
  • It improves relationships a great deal


  • May be deadly if your puppy swallows it
  • It’s not a perfect match for heavy chewers


4. Youngever 8 Durable Dog Chew Toys – Puppy Toys

If you notice your puppy developing a habit of those super-hyper dogs, this is an ideal toy to cool it down.

They’ll be using the energy in the right way. Besides, a little exercise is essential. The toys aim to create an interactive playing session.

A few of the fantastic toys you’ll get from the pack is a dog teething bone with bacon flavour. You can’t smell this but trust me, your dog does.

Not forgetting the ropes that help in teeth development. The puppies can use them for tug games, hence a perfect flossing tool.

A full box weighs 1.65 pounds with dimensions of 10.7 by 7.1 by 2.9 inches. Each toy model has different colours to keep the puppy engrossed.

Not to forget, they’re made with 100% rubber and cotton. These materials give them the ticket to joining the VIP group of the safest toys.


  • The package is not expensive
  • They have a perfect design for medium-size dogs
  • An ideal gift for a heavy chewer


  • The ropes are not durable.
  • The balls may be too small for the puppies.


5. CHLEBEM Interactive Dog Toys, Dog Chew Toys Ball for Small Medium Dogs

If you want to teach your puppy new tricks before they’re old, a pack of CHLEBEM gives you the gears to go through the training. The primary purpose is to elevate the puppy’s IQ.

In addition, the toys are 100% safe, made with durable rubber that can withstand the small but sharp teeth of the puppies. But not in a way that can hurt them.

To make the ball function appropriately, fill the ball with your puppy’s favourite treats. As it rolls, the treat falls.

The young one has the difficult task of turning it in the right way to get more treats. The ball keeps it busy all day with a long-term plan of making it smart.

Don’t get it wrong though; the toy does not only function when filled with treats. The puppy makes it a chewing dummy, hence maintaining dental hygiene.


  • It promotes healthy feeding
  • A boredom-buster toy
  • Improves wits early enough
  • Uses a puppy’s curiosity the right way because of the different “skill” levels


  • Only suitable for small dogs and not heavy chewers


6. Dog Toys – Dog Chew Toys – Puppy Teething Toys- Puppy Chew Toys

If you are in the search for a toy that can serve your puppy when indoors and outdoors, don’t think further. These are typical rope toys but are made to function differently to keep your dog busy and healthy.

The ropes are made with cotton, which is a 100% safe material. The numerous colours keep the dog motivated to play longer.

If your pup’s milk teeth are giving it a hard time, chewing through these ropes eases the pain and also enhances the growth of strong and healthy gums.

The ropes offer you a wide array of games your puppies can play. For instance, it can play fetch games, puppy teeth cleaning, and tug of war, among others.


  • The toys are sturdy and durable
  • The gadget offers multiple users which is a great deal
  • The size perfectly fits small and medium dogs
  • Reduces the puppy’s destructive chewing in the house


  • Not a perfect toy that raises a puppy’s IQ


7. AWOOF Puppy Toys

Puppies are just like small kids, and sometimes they find it hard to sleep. An additional teddy-bear like toy is enough to send them straight to sweet slumber land.

AWOOF puppy toys are a new invention to the puppy toys collection. It’s specifically for the pet-owners like you that would get anything for their babies. The toys are puppies’ best love.

One toy pack consists of 10 multiple squeakers made with safe, non-toxic and durable materials that can withstand the bites. The dog can chew on them for hours while having fun and improving their dental health.

Unlike other toys that can get lost under the furniture, AWOOF puppy toys are easy to store since they have a recognizable storage bag. The cotton material makes it easy to clean with the washing machine and air dry.


  • The toy is super-soft
  • They are so cute; you’ll also fall in love with them
  • They’re not heavy


  • A heavy chewer with sharp teeth will shred it in one bite


8. SHIYIXING Dog Squeaky Toys Ball

As the name hints, this Chinese made toy is for the super-hyper puppies that want to chase everything they come around.

The idea in mind is to meet the inherent desire of puppies to play and chew. They are in the shape of balls and made with 100% rubber which is toxic-free hence safe for the dog. It’s the only toy that complies with safety for children.

One significant advantage of the toy is reducing the puppy’s anxiety because of the unique squeak design.

They have the upper hand in preventing destruction in the house. You will also notice spike-like features on the body which acts as teeth cleaners. They get rid of plaque that may be hiding in the farthest corners of the teeth.


  • Comes in different colours, you can get one with your toy’s favourite colour
  • High quality material
  • An excellent toy to get your puppy as a gift


  • The price does not resonate with features


9. KONG – Puppy Binkie

We’ve recently seen a lot of toys coming from KONG Company. Their driving force is to provide toys that meet the needs of a pet. For instance, it may be teething, dental health or making the pets busy.

Since puppies have growing teeth that makes them uncomfortable, they need a soft toy that solves the problem.

Also, the puppy should have appropriate chewing behavior. Made with a soft rubber material and the unique pacifier shape, the KONG –puppy Binkie is the best option.

The toy promotes positive chewing while still keeping in check the puppy’s dental health. To take the experience to the next level, you can fill the toy with the puppy’s easy treats.


  • Perfect for aggressive puppies
  • Eases paining teeth and gums
  • It’s sturdy for extended usage
  • It’s soft for the puppy


  • Specifically for puppies, the toy will not withstand the strength of older dogs


10. goDog Dragons Durable Plush Squeaker Dog Toy

Do you need a cotton-made toy for tough play? You can consider goDog dragon toys. They’re created with top-notch chew guard technology that few toys in the industry use.

Sometimes you may wonder why your puppies don’t use other toys for long. Even though most of the toys are destructed, their “floppy” feel replenishes faster than expected.

goDog toy is an ideal pet if you want something that lasts. Not only that, the company guarantees that you get a one time replacement if the toy gets destroyed faster than the limited time.

The package comes in different sizes with an average weight of 2.4 ounces and dimensions of 7.5 by 3 by 6 inches to accommodate different ages.

The features the dogs will love include the super-softness that, and the bright colours to capture their attention.


  • Durable chew guard technology for prolonged use
  • Less mess since they’re under-stuffed
  • Good for the aggressive chewers
  • They’re very soft and cute


  • Becomes soggy after a short period of use
  • They are not suitable for large dogs


How to Choose Toys for Your Puppy?

There are some factors we put in place to come up with the ten. At least, they give toys the upper hand when combined with reviews from past users.

We can provide you with a leakage of what you should consider when you are searching for a useful puppy toy.

Safety of the Toy

You can attest that puppies are energetic and they believe in their puny strength. They tend to try to rip any toy you give them. But, how safe are the toys to guarantee that they won’t tear down the soft gums of the puppies?

It’s a factor that many parents don’t consider when looking for a toy only to take their dogs to a vet when things have gone haywire.

Don’t go with pets that have dangerous add-ons like metal parts. Not only this, pets with large pieces of knots, long strips of fibre and nylon horse are hazardous when swallowed. So take your time to analyze the features of pets to avoid accidents.

Durable Toys

If you have been keen, you’ve noticed that all the toys we have reviewed are durable. Not all are so, and that’s why they made it to our list.

Puppies still have sharp teeth, and they can reap of anything with haste. If not so, it won’t take long before they turn their toys into a mangled wreck. It’s therefore, essential that you look for a pet that can withstand the sharp teeth in the longest time possible. The materials should be robust and sturdy.

On the other hand, don’t look for super-hardy toys because we’ve said the toys should be durable. Such types pose a danger to your puppy.

The Appropriate Size

The danger of small toys is not only destroying fun but swallowing these parts. They may cause a threat to the health of your puppy.

Ok, some toys are made specifically for small puppies like Dachshund. When the puppies of Afghan hound play with them, they can easily swallow them. Also, large toys may frustrate your gadget since they’ll find it harder to carry it around, leave alone be able to chew them.

Colour of the Toys

Did you know that brightly coloured toy is not meant for your dog alone? What a puppy needs are just a toy that can meet its chewing needs and what it can peacefully play with. You are also in the picture, and that’s why you may have chosen a pink toy if your favourite colour is pink.

Don’t get it wrong, though. They are not to manipulate you. You won’t love any toy that might be looking fantastic in the store only to find it colouring your carpet. Such pets may also color your pet when they come into contact with the puppy’s saliva.


Puppies are cute, and they’ve won the love of many. However, to maintain their cuteness, a perfect toy is all you need.

With the noise in the market from the numerous providers, you may get confused and end up making a choice that your puppy won’t love either.

So avoid yourself the stress and take what has been reviewed and have won the hearts of past users. Be a part of them and choose either of the ten above.

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