How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in Your Home?


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Dog owners are no strangers to the odors that come with living with pets. Grooming your pet is the first step towards dealing with the smells, but you will have to clean your home and deodorize it as well.

A home that is not well ventilated will also smell more, as the odor will be concentrated. You can get rid of dog smells by:

1. Use a Dry Shampoo

Depending on the nature of your dog, it can be hard to wash them, and it can also be inconvenient. Dry shampoos are welcome time-savers, and you can use them to freshen up your pet between baths.

The shampoo can be in the form of a spray, gel, foam, or powder, and they work by absorbing the oil in your pet’s coat. The scents and fragrances of the shampoo will aid in odor control.

One dry shampoo we absolutely recommend is this natural one from Paw Choice with features including:

  • The shampoo is naturally-derived coconut, which means it is entirely safe for use on your beloved pet. It has no harsh chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate.
  • It is incredibly convenient, especially when you cannot do a full bath. It will also come in handy for smelly and active dogs, as well as those that dislike baths. You can use it when traveling or between grooming schedules.
  • Since it is natural, the shampoo is more environmental-friendly than wipes and other options. It is also quite economical, and you only need a little amount for each session.
  • The dry shampoo has met the USA production requirements, and it is produced in a certified GMP facility. Only the highest-quality ingredients are employed in the product’s processing.

Apply and massage the dry shampoo, and leave it to dry.


2. Use a Dog Perfume

Dog perfumes, like human perfumes, mask bad odors. If you do not have time, dog perfumes can get rid of your pet’s bad smell until they have a bath. Get a fragrance that is not overpowering, but one that is soothing to you and your pet.

The best ones linger for days after application, especially if you give your dog a bath after several days.

Be careful with the perfumes as some can cause itching, irritation, and sneezing. Ensure that it does not trigger your dog’s allergies if any.

The Wahl Deodorizing & Refreshing Pet Deodorant is especially effective because of features like:

  • The perfume is derived from eucalyptus and spearmint. It is both paraben and alcohol-free, and it is PH balanced. The deodorant is packed with refreshing properties to eliminate any odors on your dog.
  • It is easy and quick to apply, and your dog will smell like they just had a bath.
  • The perfume is also allergy-friendly, so there will be no negative reactions on the part of your dog.
  • It has been formulated by professionals, as Wahl has been catering to professional groomers and vets for over 50 years.


3. Use an Air Purifier

Air purifiers trap microscopic particles, and a good one can remove 99.97% of the dog dander in your home.

A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) purifier will address pet smells, as well as allergens and dander. In addition to the HEPA filter, some models with include two more sections. The first stage will typically remove large elements like hair while a carbon filter will deal with chemical odors from your dog.

You can position the purifier at your dog’s favorite area or close to a ventilation duct. It is helpful to leave the windows closed when the purifier on.

This purifier from Cisno promises to give you a purer living space through:

  • The filter delivers super HEPA 3 filtration, and the filter material will get rid of pet dander’s, 99.99% seasonal allergens, mold spores, smells, and filter particles.
  • It is incredibly easy and quick to operate the filter, as there are three speeds and a child safety lock. The filter is also equipped with a night light to decorate the room. It has a low noise of 26.1Db for quiet operation. When it comes to maintenance, you can retract the pre-filter for cleaning and drying.
  • It is certified by the California Air Resources Board, and it has satisfied energy-efficiency regulations and electrical safety so you can rest easy with the purifier in your home. It has no UV or ions, and it will not pollute the air in your house.
  • Its small size will be perfect for any room, including your office and bedroom.


4. Use an Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser will result in your house feeling super-relaxing and eliminate any dog smells. These plant concentrates are natural, and they are characterized by strong aromatic scents.

They are regarded as being safer than perfume-based products. Some pet owners even make theirs by mixing up different oils in varying proportions.

Essential oils can, however, be toxic to your pets, so you have to be careful with the types you will be using.  Get a high-quality one and use them for short periods in an enclosed space.

Lavender essential oil ranks as the best odor remover for dog smells, and you can use it with this diffuser from URPOWER.

It is ideal for adding moisture to any room or space. Simply add a drop of your essential oil to spread its pleasant aroma. You get seven color-changing lamps, auto shut-off, programmable on/off cycles, and nightlight.


5. Use Odor Remover Cleaning Products

Cleaning products like the Simple Solution pet stain and odor remover are quite effective in getting rid of pet stains as well as urine and feces.

This odor remover has been formulated with a unique Pro-Bacteria and enzyme recipe to eliminate any stains and smells. It will also prevent repeated markings by your dog.

It is designed to deal with even the toughest stains in your house, and you will have no trouble cleaning up after your dog with this solution.

It is safe to use around your home, and you can apply it on the carpet, furniture, and other areas.


6. Use Odor Remover Candles

When used appropriately, candles can be very effective in eliminating dog smells. The candles can either be paraffin or soy, or a blend of both.

Soy candles are the more environmentally friendly of the two, but paraffin candles are still popular.

You can place the candles near the main door so that the house smells good for anyone coming in. Another section to place the candle is near where your dog spends most of his day.

Take extra caution when using candles as they can easily result in fires.

This odor-eliminating candle from Pet’s Favorite will do away with 99.99% of pet odors. Its fragrances include lavender blends with herbal sage, fresh rosemary bud, and lemon blossom.

The candles not only mask the dog smells in your home, but they eliminate them and leave your house smelling fresh.

Every scent is allergen-free and non-toxic, and they include French vanilla and Clean laundry. The candle does not release any chemicals, thanks to an effective paraffin and soy blend and a cotton wick.

It will burn for up to 70 hours to give you long-lasting results. The candle is also free of dye, parabens, and phthalates.


Why Does Your Dog Stink Anyways?

Dogs naturally perspire from the claws, and they produce oil on their skin and hair. Your dog will have its signature scent, which can be kept at a minimal by frequent grooming. If your dog stinks, however, it is important to rule out the following causes:

Yeast and Bacteria Infections

Yeast can be detected by a musty smell from your dog’s ears and paws. You can also observe if your dog is scratching these organs for signs of yeast.

The ears are especially prone to both yeast and bacterial infections, and it is worse for dogs with long and droopy ears. Additionally, dogs with allergies will experience more infections. A raw diet is always recommended in preventing yeast infections in canines.

Skin Issues

A skin infection in your dog can be detected in the offensive smell emanating from your pet because of bacterial activity. In addition to the odor, you can look for signs of flaking skin, itching, and thinning hair.

Dogs like the Bulldog, Spaniel, and Pug are also vulnerable to skin fold dermatitis. Cleanse the folds regularly. Skin infections will mostly occur when a pet’s normal skin barriers are weakened by hormonal disorders, allergies, and dampness.


If your pet’s gas is strong, they probably consumed something inappropriate. If it is accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea, they have eaten something bad as they scavenged in places like the trash can.

Gas can also point to an intestinal or dietary issue. You can also adjust their diets to include grain-free foods to reduce flatulence.

Issues with Anal Sacs

Dogs naturally have two scent-sacs close to the anus. The sacs are squeezed when your dog has a bowel movement, and they release an oily secretion.

Problems can, however, occur once the sacs are infected and the odor spreads to the surrounding fur. The problem can be caused by allergens or a bad diet.


Dogs make lovely pets, that is until they cause your house to stink, and you cannot pinpoint the underlying cause of the smell.

They have natural scents which are easily combatted by regular bathing schedules. The odors can also be eliminated or masked using candles, purifiers, oil diffusers, cleaners, perfumes, and dry shampoos.

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