10 Best Toys to Keep Your Dog Busy


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You know that our furry friends are hyper. They’re always running around, chewing and destroying stuff in the house. After all, this is what they’re good at, and it’s part of keeping you company.

Did you know that dogs spend 50% of their time alone?

Since they can’t stand that boredom, they’ll start chewing on your sofas, tearing your clothes, breaking things in the kitchen and so on. It’s not that the tennis ball you got them can’t work; they need something that catches their attention and keeps them busy for the better part of the day.

We know that getting a toy that can be on par with all their needs is crucial. We did a research and came up with ten of the best toys that have topped others in the market. Have a look.

1. KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

If you are looking for a dog toy that can hit two birds with one stone, don’t think twice. The Kong Wobbler treat dispenser does the work of feeding the dog while still meeting the dog’s instinctual need to play. It turns the energy that it might use to turn your house upside down positively.

Since dogs need to keep fit, with this toy, feeding time becomes exercise time. The toy rolls and wobbles while dispensing treats slowly. Since our dogs are never defeated, it will continue battling with it for hours as it tries to release the treats.

The item weighs a paltry 1.79 pounds while measuring 7.5 by 5.1 by 5.1 inches; hence, it’s perfect for dogs not weighing over 25 pounds, which is a significant downside for the large dogs.


  • It extends mealtime, an ideal alternative to the dog bowl.
  • Easy to fill with treats.
  • Cleaning is easy.
  • Does not roll around due to the chosen design, It won’t get stuck under or behind the furniture.


  • The toy sidelines the large dogs.
  • Threading wears down faster


2. Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

A dog’s sense of smell is forty times more than a human being’s. Anything with a strong smell, more so a dog’s favorite treat, will catch its attention promptly. That’s the idea behind Benebone Real flavor. As much as you can’t smell the food-grade bacon or chicken flavor on the toys, the dogs smell them from afar.

The patented ergonomic design encourages the dog to continue biting. It can easily grab the toy and won’t stop having fun.

Other toys with a similar purpose in mind do not go past three weeks before they’re turned into a mangled wreck by the dog’s powerful teeth. To avoid this, Benebone dog chew toy is made with the hardest material to ensure it stays longer. Don’t worry about safety; be sure the dog has strong teeth.


  • Available for dogs across different weights
  • The ideal toy for an aggressive chewer
  • The toy supports canine welfare
  • Easy to grab and bit


  • Can cause teeth to break if they’re not strong
  • May pose a threat for choking


3. Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl

A classic toy promotes fun, good health, and slow eating. At least, the dog can have a good time while enjoying its favorite treats. That’s why Outward Hound Fun Leader Slo-Bowl was manufactured.

The only difference it has with toys for mealtime is its ability to improve the dog’s digestion. The mazes and pattern make the dogs to scout not even leaving crumbs unattended.

It comes in three categories with the smallest bowl holding up to ¾ of a cup filled with dry kibble. The medium size and large size holds 2 and 4 cups of the treat, respectively. You need not worry about the manufacturing material since they’re PVC and Phthalate free.


  • Fun and healthy eating
  • Does not have cases of bloating or indigestion
  • Slows down mealtime by ten times
  • Easy to clean
  • Can fit any food in any form, either liquid or solid


  • After a period of use, the plastic may come off in flakes


4. Nylabone Flavor Frenzy Giant Dog Chew Toys

A typical dog toy is a T-shaped bone. At least that’s what we know from cartoons like Scooby doo. The Nylabone Dog chew toys are in a similar T shape which hints to the dog that it’s an actual bone. The only difference might be an ice-cream sundae, a BBQ chicken, or corn-on-the-cob smell.

Nylabone is an excellent alternative to huge dogs that are heavy chewers. Also, the flavors are enticing enough to keep the dogs engrossed for the better part of the day. It gives you peace of mind to do your crucial duties.

The toys are sturdy, and even a heavy chewer will have a hard time making a few dents on it. This is an added advantage as it guarantees you of more extended service.

The item dimensions are 6.6 by, 1 by 7.5 and weighs 4.8 ounces. Your dog won’t have a hard time running with it around.


  • The perfect toy for the heavy chewers
  • Can persevere with huge and heavy dogs
  • Will serve you for the longest time possible


  • Not edible despite the tasty treat smells


5. Zogoflex Qwizl Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog

Sometimes you may be fed up with the expensive dog toys. It takes the better of your bank account, and if you could get something that spares your wallets, you’d be over the roofs. Well, Zogoflex Qwizl Interactive Treat got you covered.

It’s one of a kind toy that mentally stimulates your dog for a long while having its usual evening treats. At the same time, you are 100% guaranteed that the dog won’t damage it. That’s why it should be your go-to toy if you are working on a thin budget.

Some of the treats you can put in it are dog kibbles, dog biscuits, nut butter, bully sticks, or your dog’s favorite foods that can fit.

The toy transforms eating time to fun time. The dog can toss, chew, and even play fetch with it. Also, if your dog is a swimmer, it can still have fun with the toy on the pool since it floats.


  • It’s durable for prolonged use
  • They’re not expensive
  • Still functional when filled with treats or not
  • An interactive pet to keep your dog busy


  • The damage on Qwizls may come sooner than expected


6. Nina Ottosson Outward Hound Puzzle Toy for Dogs

With over 25 years in the industry, Nina Ottosson has yet produced another dog toy that stands out, as it has always been.

Nothing entertains a dog like when mealtime changes to mystery-solving time. The toy keeps the dog busy and lowers the time it takes to gobble down its meals. With Nina Ottosson Outward dog toy, AKA Challenging dog puzzle, your dog’s mind will go through an exercise that strengthens its wits while still enhancing the bond with you.

The material used to create the toy is wood. This is a new material that no one ever thought would withstand the powerful teeth of dogs. Surprisingly, it does. The wood is very light, only weighing 2.25 pounds and easy to clean. The toy is intact without any removable parts.


  • A sturdy and stable toy that lasts long
  • The puzzle is straightforward to solve.
  • The toy keeps the dog’s energy used positively


  • Sliding pieces are too smooth


7. Outward Hound Ottosson Puzzle Brick Dog Toy

Once again, another fantastic dog toy from Ottosson and they’ve nailed it on the head. The company is always looking for new designs which are attributed to their ever-changing innovations.

Similar to toys we’ve looked at, the initial idea behind Outward hound is engaging the mind of the dog. With the treat puzzle, the dog’s mind is stimulated, and it can’t get enough of the game. It targets to make mealtime interactive and fun.

The toy is a level 2 game hence can only fit “smart” dogs. The puzzles are a bit challenging, and dogs with “lower IQ” may find unraveling the puzzles an uphill task.

You will get 20 compartments to keep your secret treats, with eight slide-able pieces and four removable bones.


  • They are hand washed with warm water hence easy to maintain.
  • Extremely durable and can withstand the sharp canines.
  • Its’a perfect mental stimulant for dogs.


  • The dog may get bored if it can’t keep up with the puzzle’s trick


8. Trixie Pet Products

The Trixie pet toys are perfect for the puppies or if you have an intermediate dog that is always looking for something to chew.

The toy tries to answer the inquisitive nature of dogs. To meet this, the dog must use specific techniques to open its way to its favorite treats. The indentations have slider and hangers that acts as the door to the treats.

The toy comes with a free guideline to show you how to go about. You can design it for training the dog before it gets used to it.

The toy is made with robust and steady plastic that can withstand sharp teeth. It is also easy to clean since its dish-washer safe. The toy’s dimensions are 9 by 9 and weigh 1.19 pounds.


  • A good toy to keep the dog busy for the day
  • The instructional booklet helps a great deal
  • It does not sideline any dog in regards to age


  • The dog may find it hard to play with the toy in the early stages.


9. Idepet Dog Toy Ball

When you want to know that your dog is having a good time with its toy, they always want to keep the toy. They never want anyone to touch it. This is one of the characteristics of Idepet Dog toy ball. The dog gets hooked to it and the toy never leave its side.

The toy is a round ball with a diameter of 7cm inch. It is just the perfect size for dogs with different sizes. Just ensure that you get the size that’s no bigger than the width of your dog’s mouth. Apart from keeping your dog busy, some of the side-benefits are strong, clean teeth, and healthy gums.

The ball is made with non-toxic silicon tough rubber which is non-toxic. In addition, it’s soft, making the dog want to chew on it more.


  • A multi-beneficial toy
  • It’s bite resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Improves the dog’s IQ in a significant way


  • Not for heavy chewers


10. OurPets IQ Treat Ball Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy

Last on our list is the OurPets IQ dog toy that tries to teach your dogs news tricks even if they are old. The food-dispensing toy keeps your dog busy and physically fit while training it mentally. As they play with it, they are taught how to deal with different situations and how to follow instructions.

With the dog treats inside the toy, the dogs take longer while trying to figure out which hacks work to release their favorite treats. If you are not keen with this toy, your dog may overplay; hence, it requires that you monitor the progress.

The treats will be ejected when the dog rolls the ball. The numerous times it rolls, the many times he’ll get a treat. The toy comes in two sizes which are 3 and 4 inches. The size of your dog will determine the type you will choose.


  • An excellent food puzzle for IQ development
  • Can accommodate different sizes of kibble treats
  • Easy to clean


  • The ball is too loud if you have wooden floors
  • Is not suitable for small dogs


How to Choose a Toy for Your Dog?

If you’re still wondering how we arrived at the ten above, we still got something to help in your choices. Getting the best toy for your pet needs a lot of consideration; for instance, comfort, dog’s energy level, and the dogs IQ.

If you analyze and put these factors together, you can’t fail to arrive at a toy that boosts your dog’s activity. Let’s look at some.

Age of the Dog

Yes, the age of your dog matters.

A one-month-old puppy does not have strong teeth to chew through hard toys like Idepet Dog Toy Ball. They’ll only be able to eat soft toys made with rubber.

From the age of four to nine months, the puppy has begun developing teeth. You can introduce toys without hard rubber. You may also stock up to prevent the effect of hard toys.

After nine to eleven months, the dogs have already stopped teething. The jaws have strengthened, and they need to use their fast-developing energy the right way. You can introduce some of the hard toys but be sure that they are not as hard as the strength of the teeth.

Types of Dog Toys

If you have been keen, you’ve noticed that the toys we have looked at have different shapes and sizes. For instance, the KONG Wobbler is a round ball while the Nylabone Flavor Frenzy Dog Toys is a T-shaped shape of a bone.

We also have different types of toys like tug toys, plush toys, or toys filled with treats and chewable. What determines the kind you should choose is the need of the dog. If your dog always wants to chew something, a T-bone shaper chewable will do the task. Also, if your dog is super-hyper and can’t stay in one place without breaking or destroying things, a ball-like toy with treatable can cool him down.

Strength of the Dog

You know that dogs tend to be violent (in the right way) when playing with their toys. If it has energy, they’re likely to tear down weaker toys faster. However, not all dogs will do this. Their strength matters.

You can’t give a heavy-fed German shepherd the same toy you’d give a Yorkshire terrier. The German shepherd would tear it by one bite while its counterpart can play with it for months before you could even notice a dent. So choose a toy after analyzing the strength of your dog.

Bottom line

Getting the right toy for your dog goes a long way than just keeping them busy. The gadget you consider should have you in mind as the parent. At least, once in a while, you’ll be involved when the dog is playing with the toy. Ultimately, it strengthens your bond.

Don’t think twice about or considerations. They’ve been tested and proven to yield positive results. Ensure that you have at least one or two from our recommendations on your shopping list.

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