How to Stop Your Dog from Peeing Indoors?


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Did you recently get a new puppy or adopted an adult dog that always pees in the house?

Does the dog pee irritate you for its strong smell and yellow patches that are left in the house?

Then worry no more. It is possible to train your dog to go pee outside and stop him from peeing in the house. However, there are a few things that you should know about training your dog.

  • Never rub the dog’s nose in the urine as a form of punishment to the dog for peeing indoors. This will only make the dog fear you and hide when he needs to pee.
  • Never use a cane to inflict pain on your dog when he pees in the house.
  • Dogs’ are instinctive to relieve themselves in the places where they sleep and spend most time in, and not necessarily outside.
  • Patience is a key factor when training your dog. The dog needs to understand and get used to the routine before it becomes a habit for them.
  • Consistency is also important when training a dog to adopt a new behaviour. When you break the sequence, or introduce contrary orders, the dog will get confused and forget easily what is required of them.

Below are three tips on how you can train your dog to pee outdoor.

1. Walk your dog as much as you can

There are different types of dog walking, there is walking the dog for exercise and walking the dog for potty training. Although both can be combined, it is important for you to communicate to the dog and let him know what each walk is all about.

While walking the dog out for a potty training, put the dog on leash and head outside. If you have a popular route or a designated place where the dog is allowed to pee, walk the dog purposefully to that spot and loosen the leash for the dog to be comfortable.

Give the dog your pee command, for instance, ‘Go pee’ then wait for the dog as he does his business.

Do not hurry the dog, or distract him with chit chats. Any time you are walking the dog, make sure you are keen to observe the dog’s signs and needs. Let the dog have enough time to relieve himself. Afterwards, reward the dog with his favourite treat.

One of the best dog’s treat is the Zuke’s Natural Training Dog Treats. The Zuke’s treats are made of real chicken pieces, which is most dog’s favourite, and wholefood cherries and savoury turmeric that help to maintain the dog’s healthy lifestyle.  The Zuke’s dog treat do not contain any corn, wheat or soy.

They are available in small sizes which makes it ideal for use as a pee outside training treat for your dog. Every time the dog pees outside, reward him with the Zuke’s dog treat and with time they will learn to go pee outside and not indoors.

2. Artificial Grass Mat

The idea of using the artificial grass mat is to communicate to the dog that it is only allowed to pee on grass. However, although you are training your dog to pee outside, there are days you will not be in to open the door for your dog to go pee. An artificial grass mat helps to take care of those days.

Just like you train the dog to go pee outside, the same concept applies even with artificial grass mat. Put the dog on a leash and take him to the artificial grass mat then loosen the leash and wait for the dog. At first the dog may be confused, so be patient. Once the dog has peed on the mat, reward him with a treat.

This process should be repeated as many times as possible until the dog learns. Good news, dogs are interested in learning new things and with a treat thereafter, they will remember what is required of them.

For your dog to learn to pee outside, you want to teach your dog to pee on grass, but it will get confused unless you use a product like PetSafe Pet Loo in the house.

A PetSafe pet loo is a portable potty for dogs, which resembles a patch of grass. It is ideal for homeowners whose dog have learnt to pee outside yet they are left in the house for hours alone. It is also ideal for people who have no yards.

A PetSafe pet loo allows your dog to pee in the house yet no odour is left. It has a disposable Pee Pod and the Wee Sponge powder that absorbs the urine to trap odour. PetSafe pet loo also comes with a Wee Care Enzyme cleaner that you spray on the pet loo grass and the base to keep it clean and smelling fresh.

It is easy to clean PetSafe Pet Loo grass mat, spray it with water then allow it to dry before use. It is available in different sizes, for small to large breeds.

3. Pet Stain and Odour Remover

Did you know dogs will always pee in the same spot that smells urine?

As you train your dog to pee outside, make sure your house has no trace of smelling pee. If the dog smells pee in the house, it will continue peeing indoors even with training and treats.

A dog’s pee has a foul smell that is so strong to be removed by simple home cleaning products. It also has a tendency to discolour carpets or tiles when left too long on the floor or if not cleaned properly.

Clean up your house with Simple Solution Pet Stain and Odour Remover as you train your dog to pee outdoors.

Simple Solution Pet Stain and Odour Remover is formulated to remove tough stains and neutralize strong odours from the dog’s faeces, urine and vomit.

This stain and odour remover has a pro-bacteria and enzyme that break down and neutralize odours at the source to discourage your pet from repeating peeing in the house. It is efficient not only on the carpet, but can also be used on your upholstery, clothing, fabric toys, and any other wet surfaces in the house.

It is safe to use in the house around children and pets.  The Simple Solution Pet Stain and Odour Remover has a 3 in one nozzle sprayer, stream, foam and mist, that gives you more options to tackle with stains and odour. It is also efficient to remove odour and stains from a cat’s urine and faeces too.

How to Fix & Prevent Dog Urine Spots on Your Lawn?

A dog’s urine is rich in nitrogen. Nitrogen is a good fertilizer that can make your lawn fertile and enhance grass growth.

However, if it is in high concentration, it can kill grass in your lawn. This is why a homestead with a dog has a lawn with brown spots. There are simple steps you can follow to fix and prevent dog urine spots on your lawn;

  • Spray water on areas that the dog frequently urinates. This will help to dilute the concentration level of nitrogen in the dog pee.
  • Offer and encourage your dog to keep hydrated. A hydrated dog is a healthy dog. In addition, drinking plenty of water will reduce the concentration level of nitrogen in the urine.
  • Replant the most affected areas of the lawn with more urine resistant grass such as Fescue and Ryegrass. Avoid Bermuda and Kentucky Bluegrass because they are very sensitive to urine.
  • Adds supplements such as Green UM to your dog’s diet. These dietary supplements bind the nitrogen in the dog’s pee and makes it less destructive to the grass.
  • Train your dog to pee on a specific spot in the lawn. There are products such as Simple solution Pee Post that contain a lot of pheromones to encourage your dog to pee near them.
  • Use less fertilizer in your lawn to limit the amount of nitrogen in the soil.

How to Get Rid of Dog Urine in Carpet?

A dog’s urine not only leaves the house with a strong odour, but it also stains the carpet and can permanently ruin it. The trick to save your carpet is to clean the pee as soon as you notice. Below are more tips to remove urine on your carpet;

  • Spray clean water on the affected area.
  • Treat the area with a solution of one cup vinegar and 2 cups of water.
  • To neutralize and the odour, spray the area with mixture of one tablespoon ammonia and half cup of water.
  • Use clean white paper towels and place a heavy weight object to absorb the urine from the carpet.
  • If there are stains left on the carpet, use 3% hydrogen peroxide to remove the stains.

With patience and consistency, you can teach your pup to pee outdoors or to use the artificial grass mat. A dog will learn fast if it is rewarded after doing what is expected of them.

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