10 Fun Indoor Games to Play with Your Dog


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You’ve just come from work, and you are dead-beat tired. Just then you furry buddy comes to you with that suggesting look that they want a play.

Nothing seems to come into your mind. What you can only think of is the massive pile of work you left in your office. But, the cute little eyes can’t seem to give you peace. You have to provide it with something.

Is this you every evening you arrive at home?

Well, continue reading. In this article, we have compiled a list of ten games that you can enjoy playing with your pet. At least, you won’t be blank in such a scenario.

1. Hide and Seek

Who never played hide and seek in their childhood? Well, if you never played it, you missed big time. However, you still have an opportunity to play it with your dog. It’s one of those exciting games that you’ll love.

There’s a downside, though. If your dog can’t stay in one place, you probably have to start from the roots by training it. If the dog is quick in getting instructions, it won’t take long before you set the ball rolling.

Firstly, hide in a place where the dog can’t easily find you. You can signal it by voice or let someone else around command it to come and seek you. In most cases, it won’t take long before they find you. Dogs have an overpowering smell that’s forty times that of a human being. The game is vital in raising your dog’s IQ and bringing its research skills to a new level.

2. Tug of War

The game is for those dogs that think they’re tough. It’ll be a good idea to use their energy in the right manner. Remember this; the game is not meant to stage dominance or strength (You can do this when you have team building activity). It won’t pinch to let your dog win most of the times. It keeps it motivated to play again.

To begin with, ensure that your dog can adhere to the “leave it” command. You can either use tug toys or an old rugged clothe. When it starts becoming too violent, you can signal it to stop pulling or “give in.”

3. Which-Hand Game

This is one of the most exciting games that kids love. They find it funny and can giggle all day when they get it wrong. If you can teach your dog this game, it would be a great deal.

The game is more interesting if the dog has not undergone nose training. Trained dogs will effortlessly know the right hand hence taking away the fun of the game.

Take the dog’s favourite treat while it’s watching and on your back, exchange it to one of your hands. Hold out your hands forward and let it decide as it tries to find the sides with the treats.

This is one of the new games for dogs; hence, it’s advisable to give it a few training before entering the battlefield. You can trick it a few times (even if it’s not getting it right) to encourage it to play more.

4. Keeping Their Toys Away

It’s not a complete game, but it keeps the dog busy while teaching it how to be responsible. Dogs are super hyper, and they can turn your house upside down with their toys. You’ll have double work doing house chores and coming back to arrange the toys.

Most dog toys are kept in containers, and it doesn’t take long before every toy is on the floor. The most crucial step is to teach it how to “drop it.” When they’ve got it right, you can then teach it how to pick the toys and dropping inside on the container. It’s one way of boosting the toy’s mental abilities and making it more responsible for taking charge of its playtime.

5. It Can “Work” to Get Food

You probably give your buddy more than it deserves. You are feeding it, buying him a nice kennel which sometimes he leaves to come and sleep in your bed. Let’s not speak of the attention it gets. Let’s face it-you are doing a lot to help it. It won’t hurt to show him that all these don’t come for granted and you sweat for it.

Don’t get it wrong, though. We are not insinuating that the dog is a liability. But there is something you can do to stimulate them mentally.

You can challenge the dogs to work for their meals with a food dispensing toys. Most of them are round balls with an empty interior where you can put your treats. The ball has a small opening that releases the gifts as the dog rolls it on the ground. So the dog has the “tedious” task of rolling it in the right direction to dispense more treats.

6. Name the Toy Game

This is a game for smart dogs like yours. If you are dog’s IQ is high that it knows a few letters of the alphabet, you have the upper hand. If not, you can start with basic training. A dog that has hit on the head here is Border collie; Chaser knows over 1000 words and can pick out any toy, right by the name. It began with a few words and is now considered one of the smartest dogs in the world.

We are not saying that your dog should be like Chaser (if it can, the better), but we are saying that training your dog to name stuff is fun. At least, it would be an addition to the family’s scholars.

The process is simple. Begin with the dog’s favourite toy and give it a name. Start using the name for the chosen toy continuously until it gets used to it. Once it has got it right, you can move to the next toy and follow the same procedure. Before you know it, you will be addressing every toy with a name and the dog will effortlessly bring it to you.

7. Puzzle Toys

Dog puzzle toys are a great deal to strengthen your dog’s IQ. Plus, it gives them the ability to make the right decisions when faced with a tough situation. Pet behaviourists say that puzzle toys help to make your dog busy when you’re not around.

There’s a wide array of puzzle toys that you can choose from. Don’t be limited by these options, though. You can make DIY puzzle toys that still functions like the Kong Wobblers.

8. Indoor Game of Fetch

Yeah! You read that right. You can actually play a game of Fetch inside your house.

However, it’s only necessary when the weather is not favourable, for instance, heavy rains. Also, your basement or hallway must be long. Furthermore, the dog must not be super-hyper to break things while on the run.

Look for a bouncy rubber ball that is tricky to play around. The bounces make the game exciting, and it will keep the dog active on a chilly weather. Playing indoor Fetch is excellent when you are training a puppy. It can learn a few steps before you take it to the actual field.

9. The Game of Cups

When we talk of cup games, what comes into your mind is gambling. When your eyes are sharp and can watch the fast-moving hands, you are likely to make a win.

When playing the game with your pet, the rules are the same, but the price is different. You can use place the dog’s favourite treats under three cups. Make it harder for the dog to know the cup with the reward.

If the dog doesn’t know how the game goes, you can take a treat while it’s watching and place it under the cup on a table. Bring other cups and mix them to confuse it. The game aims to make the dog active and smarter.

10. Teaching the Dog New Tricks

The adage still got it, and you can train the dog new tricks even if it’s old. It’s one of the most entertaining exercises you can do. It benefits both of you by strengthening your bond.

There are many tricks you can teach your dog. But, you can show it anything you think that might be of benefit. Some of the easy tricks are back up, hug, kiss, open/close the door, play dead and sit pretty.

When you can hit it on the head here, you can give yourself a high-five. Your dog can go into those technical tricks that are done by army dogs.

Parting Shot

Training your dog is super fun. Psychologists say that it brings a whole load of benefits if you do it right. To some, it’s a form of yoga. They can relax, and when they’re successful, it’s a big achievement. So if you are still in the dark, these ten games may give you a good starting point.

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